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Quiet day in Point Reyes

Happy halloween!!!

sunny 16 °C

Point Reyes is a small area just outside of San Fransisco with a very nice national park. Today we got out of the tent late and for the first time we left the tent up with the intention of returning to it tonight. We made our way down the road a few kms and found a secluded parking lot for Lara and I to work on some riding skills and techniques. This afternoon I had a relaxing nap and Lara hiked the Bolinas Ridge trail. Oh and the rain finally broke today! Sunny and beautiful from start to finish.

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The day Jess left.

And we close in on The Bay Area!!

semi-overcast 16 °C

Hmmmm another rainy morning. No matter, we have the space ship! Jess decided this morning to head off on her own power but not before a short lift down the road to Point Arena where we flew our kite and Jess spread her wings. Good luck Jess!! After she pedaled off, the rain slowly stoped and by the end of the day the sun was out. We drove gently down the coast on HW1 I was slightly sadened that we weren't riding this portion, but Lara admitted that she probably wouldn't have been comfortable or even wanted to be riding this portion of the road. It was then that we came to terms with the fact that we probably wouldn't conclude this trip as a cycling honeymoon. We were both disappointed with this development especially me considering the HW1 portion of the ride was the cherry on the cake of the west coast ride. Hundreds of miles of road lining the coast, up and down bluffs, around stream and river estuaries over spectacular bridges, along the beach and through farm land. It is however admittedly more extreme than I expected, but even more beautiful than I imagined. Someday I will come back and ride HW1 but for now I'm going to enjoy my honeymoon with my beautiful bride and we are going to put the bikes aside once and for all on this trip. We pulled into Point Reyes tonight and slept under the redwoods.

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Avenue of the Giants!

The reason most come to ride the west coast.

rain 16 °C

Yesterday finished well, the bikes were updated with proper gearing and we enjoyed a game of disc golf in the pissing rain. In the evening we got out to see a movie and ended up in the same motel as 2 nights prior. This morning we packed up and headed out intent on see the infamous Avenue of the Giants. A 50km long stretch of road that winds it's way through the largest remaining part of the redwood forest. We barely noticed the rain as we crept down the road with our eyes to the sky. The road was very quiet so we didn't have to worry too much about traffic and so were able to enjoy another day with the giants. After about 75 km the three of us re-borded our spaceship and drove off again heading south. The road to Fort Bragg in Mendocino County was completely ridiculous, it was the beginning of the 1........ We were in for it. Twisting and winding in the dark seemed to go on forever. I battle with the van the entire time simultaneously trying to keep it on the road at a speed above 20mph and keep my passengers from losing their lunch. We wound up 4500ft in about 6 miles and wound down just as fast. The road popped out along the ocean, we couldn't see it but we could hear it as we wound and weaves up down and arround along the coast. This 44 mile drive took over an hour and a half if that helps to comprehend the road a little. A motel in Fort Bragg kept us warm for the night.

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A hipster morning

After a very rainy night.

rain 13 °C

It poured on us all night last night at Patrick's point, but we managed to stay dry and sleep well none the less. Today we have to wait for the bike parts to arrive so the three of us are chilling in Eureka's sister town Arcata. In a coffee shop right now uploading all the blog updates and soaking it all in, feels good. Arcata is definitely one of california's premiere hipster towns. I've heard of it before, the've gone so far as banning chain restaurants. Not a bad place to spend a rainy day.

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Another really cool town

rain 14 °C

We woke today in the Eureka travelers Inn intent on loading up with groceries and heading further down the coast. The local coop supermarket was just across the street and ended up being the Club Price of all healthfood stores. I drooled in front of the wall of chocolate and felt dizzy in the bulk nuts section, Lara picked up some nice lamb and we all walked out of there with our arms full. Found "old town" and poked through book stores looking for a book on cycling Northern California and did track a great one down in a travel store. After that we were off to find propane in a really sweet outdoors/bike shop. I got some new shoes and we were able to order some new gearing for our bikes which will arrive tomorrow, so we'll need to spend another night here. In the afternoon we drove a few miles north to Patric's point where we found a really nice campground right down by the water. We set up camp and Lara and I set off for a ride in the rain while Jess stayed at camp to chill out. We didn't get far before we were off the bikes exploring the shoreline and spotting seal lions on the rocks. Back at camp this evening the three of us enjoyed a feast of lamb and trimmings cooked on an redwood campfire. It's been raining on and off all day but according to the forecast it looks like we are in for it tonight!!

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